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" To animals born in captivity and fated to be ignored and abused, I've dedicated this organization." - Bobbi Brink, Founder
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  • Liberty - Bear at Lions Tigers & Bears Sanctuary, Alpine
Black Bear
Species: Ursus americanus californiensis
Born: Est. February 2008
Rescued: 7/4/2009
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Salmon, Avocado, Eggs and Anything Sweet

Meet Liberty, Our Black Bear

Liberty was brought to Lions Tigers & Bears on July 4, 2010 (hence the name "Liberty") by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. Liberty was living in the Angeles National Forest and had to be removed because she had learned how to get food from the campers. Each year, yearling bears like Liberty leave their moms in search of food and their own territory. Many of these bears wander into campgrounds, where their chances of survival are doomed. According to Fish & Wildlife, "A fed bear is a dead bear."

Once dependent on humans for food, these bears continue to frequent the campgrounds and become a danger to campers. At this point, Fish & Wildlife is called in and since most bears are not able to be relocated, they are euthanized. Each year too many bears are euthanized due to human contact, but thankfully, Liberty's fate was destined to have a happy ending.

Thanks to numerous donations and efforts, Liberty now has a lifetime home at Lions Tigers & Bears, living happily in a four-acre bear habitat with five other black bears - Blossom, Delilah, Meatball, Maddie and Sugar Bear. Liberty loves to lounge around in her hammock and take dips in her pool to cool off. She is the youngest of her five bear neighbors and is definitely the most rambunctious.