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" To animals born in captivity and fated to be ignored and abused, I've dedicated this organization." - Bobbi Brink, Founder
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  • Gizmo - Bobcat at Lions Tigers & Bears Sanctuary, Alpine
Species: Lynx rufus
Born: 5/22/1999
Died: 9/10/2016
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Beef

Remembering Gizmo, Our First Bobcat

We sadly said goodbye to one of our first residents, Gizmo the bobcat in September 2016. 

Gizmo was arguably the smartest cat at Lions Tigers & Bears, and he knew it! He liked to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and especially loved trying to outsmart his keepers. He came to us from Texas at the age of 6 weeks and was "the boss" from that point on.

A new enclosure was constructed at Lions Tigers & Bears in 2004 after we rescued a serval named Tuffy from a facility in Texas. The "little cat" habitat was complete with large trees, lots of grass, boulders, a simulated creek bed, a small pool, dens and lounging hammocks. Tuffy and Gizmo the bobcat were both introduced into this new enclosure at the same time, and soon became friends. They loved playing together, although Gizmo was usually the instigator! Down the line, the pair were joined by two additional bobcats, Mia and RJ - and all four cats shared the same habitat.

Gizmo was most active in early mornings and enjoyed playing ball, lounging in the hammocks and annoying his roommates. Gizmo will be remembered fondly by all who knew him.