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" To animals born in captivity and fated to be ignored and abused, I've dedicated this organization." - Bobbi Brink, Founder
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Leptailurus serval

Born: 5/3/2010
Rescued: 10/6/2019
Gender: male
Favorite Food: chicken

Meet Junior, Our Serval

Junior and Miss Kitty were rescued in October 2019 from a woman in Arizona whose spouse tragically passed away, leaving her with two servals and no means to care for them. The private owner was forced to move out of her family home and Junior and Miss Kitty couldn't come with her to her new place. She had no choice but to leave Junior and Miss Kitty behind, but has been visiting daily to give them food and water. In the meantime, she pleaded for help throughout the country, looking for a facility to take in the two servals. This private owner was heartbroken, but with no contingency plan in place, she was quickly running out of options for Junior and Miss Kitty. Fortunately, Lions Tigers & Bears got the call and we jumped into action to help save these two cats. We loaded up our rescue hauler and drove to Arizona in early October 2019 to pick-up Junior and Miss Kitty. The pair did well on their journey back to our sanctuary. Like all of our new arrivals, Junior and Miss KKitty underwent a thorough veterinary exam, and were placed in quarantine. Today, Junior and Miss Kitty have adjusted well to their new life at Lions Tigers & Bears. They enjoy spending their days with each other, splashing in their watering troughs and taking naps in their hammocks.