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" To animals born in captivity and fated to be ignored and abused, I've dedicated this organization." - Bobbi Brink, Founder
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  • Nola - at Lions Tigers & Bears
Species: Panthera tigris
Born: 8/1/2017
Rescued: 12/17/2017
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Beef

Meet Nola, Our White Tiger

Nola was rescued in December 2017 after she was seized from an unpermitted location near New Orleans, Louisiana. Nola was only five months old at the time of her rescue. She required immediate medical attention for conditions consistent with severe neglect including malnutrition and parasites.

Nola's rescue was part of a multi-state animal rescue, that included saving several bears from private owners and exhibitors in Alabama and North Carolina. After making the cross-country trip back to our sanctuary in California, Nola received round the clock care to treat her medical issues. She responded to treatment well, and quickly made a full recovery.

Nola did not have a name prior to being rescued. Therefore a naming contest was initiated to help name the white tiger cub. The top five contenders included:
  • NOLA - Short  for New Orleans, Louisiana, where she was rescued from.
  • MISSY - By chance, two of the women in Louisiana who were key in helping to rescue the cub are named Missy. We propose this name in their honor.
  • ZOE - In honor of a longtime, dedicated supporter of LTB who works tirelessly on behalf of captive big cats and exotic animals.
  • CHARLIE - Suggested by LTB supporter Sundi, who won last year's auction package at Wild In the Country to join Bobbi on this life-saving rescue.
  • SASSY - LTB volunteers use this word quite a bit to describe her playful, spunky nature!   

On February 13, 2018 the polls closed, and the winning name was Nola.

Nola quickly settled into life at our sanctuary. She loves to explore her habitats, swim in the pools and waterfall of McGrath Family Tiger Trails, and play with her BFF Moka, a tiger cub that was transferred to Lions Tigers & Bears just six months after Nola's arrival.