Species: Lynx rufus
Born: 3/31/2017
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Rabbit
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Species: Lynx rufus

Meet Diego, Our Bobcat

Diego's story begins with a mysterious drop-off at a Rancho Bernardo pet hospital. The people who left him there did so anonymously, leaving no information about his origin. Emaciated and dehydrated, It was unclear whether Diego was a truly wild bobcat or an illegally bred, captive exotic cat.

Despite his illness, Diego displayed behavior that was far from typical for a wild bobcat. He seemed remarkably accustomed to human contact, knowing how to feed from a bottle, purring when held, and actively seeking out human interaction. Recognizing his need for help and proper care, the pet hospital administered medical treatment to stabilize him and reached out to LTB, in coordination with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, to provide a permanent refuge.

Upon arriving at LTB, Diego's trusting nature towards humans became even more evident. The sanctuary began the process of acclimating him to his new life in their care.

However, a week later, a change of plans occurred when the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reversed their decision for LTB to provide permanent sanctuary. Instead, they transferred Diego to a rewilding and rehabilitation center in Northern California, with hopes that he could be prepared for a return to the wild.

After a six-month attempt at "deprogramming" this orphaned baby bobcat for rewilding proved unsuccessful, LTB received a call once again to take in Diego. With open arms, the sanctuary welcomed him back, and now Diego has found his forever home at Lions Tigers & Bears, where he can live a life of safety and care.

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