New Year, New Beginnings: A Call for 2024 Donors & Supporters

By: Bobbi Brink

Animals play an important part in the stability of the ecosystem and our lives. They are excellent companions and contribute to the overall balance and functioning of the ecosystem. Even those in sanctuaries help preserve this delicate balance. They act as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, providing insights into their natural behaviors, habitats and conservation needs.

But sadly, animals don’t have a safety net in society or a voice of their own. Unless we step up as donors and supporters, many animals remain vulnerable to cruelty, exploitation, and habitat destruction. Others, like tigers and bears, even face the looming threat of extinction. As we usher in the New Year, it's a good time to extend our support to Lions Tigers & Bears (LTB) and other nonprofit organizations committed to the welfare and conservation of wild animals.

Why is Your Support Important?

As HuffPost puts it, we live in tough economic times. So many people are nervous about parting with any portion of their hard-earned money for public good. This means that charitable organizations, especially animal-oriented ones – are facing a hard time. It also means that it’s harder for these facilities to accomplish and maintain their goals, which include:

  • Offering a nurturing and safe environment for animals, especially those rescued from abusive situations or facing neglect.
  • Educating the public about the importance of animal welfare, habitat conservation, consequences of wildlife exploitation, and the significance of coexisting with animals and nature.
  • Engaging in advocacy work to promote stronger animal rights and welfare policies.
  • Participating in wildlife conservation efforts, especially those meant to help save endangered animals.

Animal shelters and sanctuaries must also cover overhead costs like employee salaries, facility maintenance, and food and medicine for the animals. But sanctuaries like LTB do not breed or sell animals. They also don’t get government funding for animal rescue. And since they exist to rescue and care for animals that have faced neglect, abuse or exploitation, it means they’re constantly committing to long-term financial burdens.


Caring for abused animals often demands more extensive medical care, dietary adjustments, and customized facilities, which stretches already limited resources. Without generous contributions from well-wishers like you, it becomes increasingly challenging.

How you can Help Animal Sanctuary

There are many ways you can help support accredited animal sanctuaries like Lions Tigers & Bears. From direct donations and volunteering to adoption and sponsoring, here’s how to make a difference:

Make a Direct Donation

One of the best ways to support our California animal sanctuary is through financial contributions. Every dollar adds up and makes a tangible difference in the lives of rescued animals. Donations may help cover the costs of supplies, daily operations, animal housing upgrades, staff training and payments, animal enrichment, community outreach programs and much more.

LTB has a secure online donation portal where you can easily contribute using a credit card, debit card or PayPal. Consider setting up a regular donation, even if it's a small amount. Recurring monthly or annual donations offer ongoing stability and allow us to plan for the future.


Host a Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser is a fantastic way to engage your community, raise awareness about animal welfare, and generate much-needed funds for the rescued animals at our sanctuary. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get your taxes done and donate to LTB. Brent Hoag, CPA, donates 100% of the first 2 years of your tax return prep fees and matches up to $5,000 for new clients mentioning LTB. Over $63,000 has been raised from this effort so far!
  • Buy or sell real estate with the Garzanelli Team and give back to LTB. Joe Garzanelli donates 35% of the team's sales commission to the sanctuary when clients mention LTB.
  • Donate your vehicle for a tax deductible donation. Our sanctuary will greatly benefit from your donation.
  • Start a Facebook Fundraiser and rally your friends to support LTB.
  • Leave a lasting legacy. Donate through your will or life insurance policy.

Volunteer for Animals

Direct donations and fundraisers are crucial – but it’s not always about money. Our sanctuary thrives on the dedication and passion of volunteers. Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to provide hands-on care and support to the remarkable animals who call LTB home. And you can do this through:

Direct Animal Care

  • Assist with daily tasks like feeding, cleaning enclosures, preparing enrichment activities, and providing companionship to the animals. You'll get to work directly with these amazing creatures, helping them feel loved and cared for.
  • If you have veterinary experience or training, you can assist with animal health checks, medication administration, and minor procedures under the supervision of qualified veterinary staff. Or if you’re a licensed rehabilitator, you can help care for sick animals, etc.
  • Help maintain and improve animal enclosures by building structures, planting vegetation, and ensuring a safe and enriching environment.

Supporting Operations

  • Use your skills in areas like fundraising, marketing, event planning, or social media to help LTB reach more people and secure funding.
  • Lend your handyman skills to help with repairs, construction projects, and general upkeep of the sanctuary facilities.
  • Share your knowledge and passion for animals by assisting with educational programs, leading tours, or creating informative materials for visitors.

Most volunteer positions require no prior experience, just a willingness to learn and a love for animals. LTB provides training and guidance to ensure you feel comfortable and prepared. And the best part is that you get to choose volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule, whether it's a few hours a week or a one-time event.

Sponsor an Animal at LTB

LTB offers symbolic adoption programs where you can sponsor an animal by contributing $25 or more each month. This money goes towards the lifetime care of the adopted animal. In appreciation, you’ll get a photo of your new furry family member, an official Sponsorship certificate and a personalized thank you note from Bobbi Brink, the Founder at LTB.

Donate Today!

Sanctuaries are perhaps the best place to regain the connection we have lost with animals. But they need ongoing support to sustain their vital work. That’s why we call upon you to support the Lions Tigers and Bears wildlife rescue in San Diego.

As we extend this call to action, we would like to thank our donors and everyone else who has supported our mission thus far. Your generosity has made a tangible difference in the lives of animals, providing them with a safe haven and an opportunity to thrive.

Join us in this journey to preserve the well-being of animals and to foster a world where the bond between humans and animals is cherished. Your generosity is the key to sustaining our work. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the animals in our sanctuary.

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