Species: Ursus Arctos
Born: 1/31/2006
Rescued: 5/23/2014
Died: 8/23/2019
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: PB&Js
In Memory
Species: Ursus Arctos

Remembering Albert, Our Grizzly Bear

On August 23, 2019 Albert was anesthetized for evaluation of a rapidly progressing upper airway disease yesterday, in coordination with a team of talented veterinarians (Dr. Ryan Sadler, DVM; Dr. Christi Garfinkel, DVM; Dr. Aaron Harlan, DVM and Annabelle Weller Poley) to get a detailed look at his airway passages. Unfortunately, we found extensive infiltration throughout his nasal passages and sinuses, most consistent with certain types of destructive cancers. Due to the extent and severity of his disease, complications during his anesthesia, and poor prognosis, we said goodbye to Albert during his procedure. While samples were taken to help us understand the disease, we are glad to know that Albert is able to rest easily and free of pain.  Albert's time has been cut short, but the moments he spent at Lions Tigers & Bears were filled with love, laughter, and happiness and for that, we are forever grateful. Albert brought joy to all those who knew him, near and far. 

Born at Cherokee Bear Park in Cherokee, North Carolina, Albert and his sister, Cherry Bomb, were used as cub petting photo ops for the first few months of their lives. When they became too big to be handled, Albert and Cherry Bomb were sent to Ohio to be auctioned off. Ironically, a man from North Carolina bought Albert and Cherry Bomb at an Ohio auction house and took them back to their birth state of North Carolina.

Albert was separated from his sister and further exploited for the next two years of his life. He traveled around the country as a ‘cub-petting' prop and
‘pop-up' attraction, where he was displayed at roadside zoo menageries by a friend of the man who had originally purchased Albert at the auction. The owner profited off of Albert's time as a yearling. He was confined in very small quarters during these traveling stints and was deprived of food. He became severely malnourished. To this day Albert suffers from neurological damage and a limp due to cramped confinement and malnutrition as a cub.

Albert was eventually taken in by a private couple in North Carolina who owned three other bears, including, Albert's sister, Cherry Bomb. Albert was skin and bones when the couple received him.

Around 2011 the couple struggled to provide adequate care for their four bears, and when it came to the point that they were no longer able to provide a proper home, they reached out to Bobbi for help.

Through a generous grant and an outpouring of support from Lions Tigers & Bears' members and supporters, Bobbi and the Lions Tigers & Bears Rescue Team  traveled to North Carolina to rescue Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo in late May 2014.

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